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                                       About The Author
Some guys talk about writing a science fiction book, but few
actually do it,and fewer still actually publish the book on their own and then create the props,set, and costumes. Until now that is.

The 14 year-plus creative journey by author Samuel McPherson, pushed his talents to the limits of Science Fiction.

OUTSTAR1 Dark Discovery The New Revised Author's Cut is a writers dream of a book that captures the imagination of an edge-of your seat jaws gripping fast paced Sci-Fci horror thriller.When you look at the cover of the book, the Collage of action fragments woven together will lead you to when read, mysterious and unforeseeable consequences. Both the book and creative spirit have origins as unique as the author. Before that ten year plus period, Sam had gone to various sci-fi conventions along with associate producer Weah Roberts, and at one point, became a vender at some of the conventions, including The Creation Salutes Star Trek Grand Slam Show at the Pasadena Civic Center in California and other Creation Sci-Fi Conventions at the Penta Hotel in New York City, which lit a fuse in his mind. Feeling that he could compete in the Sci-Fi genre, being ambitious, the author set out to do just that in writing a gripping, fast paced novel that centers around a terrifying discovery in deep space, and the possibility of the annihilation of millions of people in the inhabited systems. 

But not being satisfied with just writing an original sci-fi novel, the one gifted set designer and model maker Samuel McPherson set out to physically make all of the props and produce the clothing that are part of the word illustrations in the book.

The props and models consist of: OutStar1 proton pistols, OutStar1 Scancorders, OutStar1 Instrument Transport Away Case, OutStar1 Medical Away case, Plus a two-and-half foot Diameter lighted Space Station to name a few, and all of the lighted model ships and Rank pins used in the book! 

But what tops it all is his construction of the OutStar1 bridge  Command Center, with six sections that lock together in a semi-circle and stand at 8 feet high by 18 feet wide, with various lighted screen movements of space making you feel as if you are standing on the bridge of the OutStar itself. This is the Author's new revised addition and he is currently working on the sequel to Dark Discovery The New Revised Author's Cut. With associate producer Weah Roberts. THE BOOK CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED FROM AMAZON.COM ALSO CHECK OUT OUTSTAR 1 ON YOUTUBES 4 PICTURE WINDOWS. 1 THE AUTHOR ON THE SET NARRATING THE BOOK AND THE TRAILER.